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COVID Relief Funds


  • Email Financial Aid To Ask About COVID Relief Funds




  • Ask the Financial Aid office to fill out a "Loan Adjustment Form" to indicate that you only want student loans to cover tuition and fees (and room and board if you're living there) and not up to "cost of attendance"

  • Do not take any "refunds" from Financial Aid.  Reach out to the Bursar's Office to return a "refund" if one is disbursed.  This can be added back into your school account to help pay for additional classes in summer or other intersessions.

  • Setup automatic small monthly payments (i.e. $50/month) for your UnSubsidized loans while you're still in school, to avoid accruing interest.

How To Lessen Your Student Loan Debt

Transferring to a Different College

  • Complete Application online, select Transfer Student

  • Log back into FAFSA, click Make a Correction, then add all schools you're interested in transferring to

  • Go online to any college you've attended (or received financial aid from) and Request an Official Transcript (mail either directly to Admissions/Transfer Counselor for the new school or to yourself - envelope has to remain sealed) *May also need High School Official Transcript*

  • Admissions/Transfer Counselor will be in touch with any other documents needed and for registration, if not, reach out to them directly.

Ashley McPherson

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Transfer Resources

BCC Transfer Office: website

Phone: 774.357.2234


UMass Dartmouth Transfer Office: website

Phone: 508.999.8605 


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