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Dual Enrollment

GLCPS Early College Dual Enrollment
  • GLCPS Dual Enrollment course offerings are available for students in grades 11-12.  

  • By participating in Dual Enrollment, students can prepare for post-secondary studies while enhancing their high school GPA, and making themselves more competitive in the college admission process.  

  • High School and college credit is awarded for successful completion of Dual Enrollment courses, therefore students often receive advanced academic placement when they enroll in college.  This can offer students and their families’ considerable savings on the total cost of a higher education.  

  • All eligible students must take the Accuplacer college placement tests at BCC to earn the required prerequisite scores for their selected Dual Enrollment course(s) and complete the required application.  

  • Students must maintain a 3.0 BCC GPA to continue in the Dual Enrollment program.

  • Dual enrollment courses will be documented on students’ GLCPS high school transcripts.  

  • Further, GLCPS is unable to provide transportation for courses outside the school day, therefore, each student is responsible for transporting him/herself to the relevant campus.  

  • While there is no fee for tuition for GLCPS school-day DE courses, students are responsible for the cost of textbooks and course material fees.  Some previously used textbooks are available in the College & Career Center on a first come first serve basis.


GLCPS expands our partnership with Bristol Community College (BCC) this year.  Students with qualifying GPAs (3.0) and Accuplacer scores can enroll in tuition-free college courses at BCC through the advanced or elective courses offered by GLCPS during the school day, or outside of school on a space-available basis.  Dual Enrollment courses occurring outside the school day are limited in number and must be paid for by students prior to the start of classes (unless low-income status is confirmed Free/Reduced Lunch program participation or other criteria established by BCC).

Junior BCC Dual Enrollment Offerings 

  • English 101

  • English 102

  • Sociology

  • Science


GLCPS offers a partnership with Umass Dartmouth for students who wish to apply for Dual Enrollment courses. Students with qualifying GPA's (3.0+) can enroll in tuition-free college courses at UMD through the advanced or elective courses offered by GLCPS. These courses can be taken any time during the day/evening on a space-available basis. 

UMD Dual Enrollment Offerings are mostly general education courses; science and math course availability is limited. When considering an advanced foreign language UMD will need proof of experience and will consult your transcripts when making a determination. When considering most advanced math classes we will need you to send proof of your AP score to our Academic Advising department. 

You MUST rank three classes below as UMD cannot guarantee your first choice. You can access the course schedule online at

There is the potential for some courses to fill prior to the timeline in which dual enrollment students are placed. 

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