Brown Pre-College Program

Updated: May 9, 2019

Announcing Brown University’s 2019 Pre-College Partnership!

This Program is Free to selected students: High-achieving, low income GLCPS juniors

Each year, Brown University School of Professional Studies joins with partner organizations across the country to bring the dream of higher education one step closer to reality for academically gifted high school students who come from low income families.

Our partners include schools, foundations, and other youth development and mentoring organizations. These groups tend to be deeply involved with students who show academic promise, yet face financial challenges. Often, these organizations provide support to students throughout their pre-college careers, and are thus able to personally recommend students to us who they expect will succeed in our array of demanding pre-college courses.

Partner Scholar Program:

  • See Ms. McPherson if interested

  • Students register for the two week leadership...

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